Natureline 100% nature

Being the most successful manufacturer of wooden windows in Austria, Gaulhofer has transformed the qualities of wood to a new dimesnion. Gaulhofer’s Natureline window incorporates superior window technology and is made from 100% naturall materials; is a fusion of Gaulhofer’s best strategies for the creation of a cozy warm atmosphere and ecologically-exemplary energy saving solutions. Overall respective depths of 92mm and 78mm in the high-end and standard versions provide last Uw values not achieved until now.


Natureline 78

With Natureline 78, Gaulhofer brings a wooden window to the market. Which even though an “entry level” model, delivers all the benefits of Gaulhofer product quality. 78mm overall depth and 100% wood enable the very best structural physical properties and outstanding Uw values from 1.2 to 0.70W/m2K


Natureline 92

With an overall depth of no less than 92mm, Gaulhofer’s Natureline 92 is it’s high-end wooden windowsolution. Which thanks to innovative pdouct development, achioeves a standard Uw value of 0.83W/m2K (without the use of ecologically questionable PUR foams). The Uw value of the 0.66 W/m2K sets a new benchmark for window construction.

Warm: Thermally optimized glass-spacer GAULHOFER THERMOSTOP(standard or GAULHOFER THERMOSTOP PLUS, prevent con-densation forming on the glass.


Sealed Tight: Hand smoothed wet sealing with UV resistant GAULHOFER silicone keeps the glass joint tightly sealed.


Cozy: The special sealing of the glass bead with the GAULHOFER DAMPFSTOP keeps moisture away fromt he glass fold. The finished glass stays dry and the frame woods stays beautiful.


Quiet: GAULHOFER AUDIOSTOP keeps out noise, wind and rain with 2 continous alround fitted seals and prevents condensation formation.

A selection of the internal and external finishes for timber and timber aluminium doors are shown below. Also available is any of the RAL colours from the RAL chart as well as some special colours. A full range of these are supplied within the Gaulhofer brochure.

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