Energyline: More comfort, less heating costs.


Being the best energy saver, the new Energyline again sets new standards and represents the best possible choice not only for low energy houses and passive houses. The highly stable profile with powerdur glass fibre reinforcement does not need a steel reinforcement so that formation of a thermal bridge is prevented. Correspondingly enabling a Uw top value of 0.59W/m2K (Energyline Plus). The subtle redesign offers an elegant design, specifically slimmed appearance and larger glass surfaces – also with two wing elements. Technical innovation combined with timeless design.

This is the new Gaulhofer Energyline.


Energyline 85, Energyline 91, Energyline 91 Plus, available in Pure, Soft & Plane

uPVC-design Thermostop and Thermostop Plus – Best Glass SpacersThe elaborate inside glazing ensures a warm edge. Thermally optimised glass spacers – such as the standard Thermostop or the optional Thermostop Plus improve the heat insulation of the glass edge and counteract the annoying formation of condensation on the glass.Powerbond – Glued and Insulated All Round 

The homogeneous and highly load bearing Powerbond bonding of the glass and the sash frame, ensures that the wing always maintains its structurally defined shape. Thanks to the new and force-fit connection at the edge it is both dimensionally stable and distortion resistant to a high extent – even if compared to other bonded systems. This solution also offers several benefits for maintenance. The bonding additionally optimises heat insulation.

A selection of the internal and external finishes for timber and timber aluminium doors are shown below. Also available is any of the RAL colours from the RAL chart as well as some special colours. A full range of these are supplied within the Gaulhofer brochure.

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