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They said that it couldn’t be done, it was an industry joke for years, a Passive House could not have a cat or dog flap. Well, here it is
The design of the cat and dog flap is like no other cat and dog flap, it is secure, it is airtight, it can be controlled by chip or key fob, you can also programme it for motion. If it detects any motion the sensors will open the door. Built with the finest of components, petWALK brought to you by Ecowin.
Fancy configuring your pets new door? Have a look at the configurator to learn more and try different options, want to know more? Give us a call on 01383 824 458.

Burglars? Not a chance!

Safety is of paramount importance at petWALK. Equipped with anti-burglar features, an alarm system and the option of programming the door to open only for your pets, petWALK takes saves you trouble and worry

Unique safety concept

Conventional dog and cat flaps offer no protection against burglars and jeopardise your insurance coverage. However, petWALK doors are at least as safe as good quality entrance doors.

Safe & secure RFID technology

PetWALK pet doors use implanted and external pet ID chips as house keys. That way, only your pets can use the pet door at times you permit. Unwelcome “guests” are locked out.

Alarm as standard

All petWALK pet doors have an alarm system built in as standard, The PetWALK door can also be connected to existing home alarm systems. Your pets freedome and your home homes safety are no longer compromised.

Your pet is 100% safe

petWALK pet doors take care of your darlings, thanks to an ingenious security system. The doors close softly and your pets won’t get stuck or injured in the doors.

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