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ce_logoJuly 2013, the date where all manufacturers and window suppliers, must be able to provide CE Markings to all windows and doors that they supply.Gaulhofer windows and doors are CE Marked as standard and we offer a performance declaration that the product we are supplying meets what you have been informed.Ecowin’s philosophy to stand out from the crowd, we want to ensure that what we offer and what we supply are the same thing. Some suppliers and manufacturers make bold claims that the product they offer achieves certain values. Independent test bodies are used by our suppliers, and this is what are used for classification on the EN certifications.Have a look at the overview of Gaulhofer CE / EN Certifications here and below a snapshot of the declaration of peformance that we supply.

The CE Performance Declaration and the CE Marking allow the manufacturer to provide products throughout the European Economic Area (EEA). The documents should confirm the compliance of the product with all  equirements of the applicable European product standard or European regulatory requirements to the customer.

Significance and goal of the CE Declaration
  • The since February 1st 2010 attached CE marking of windows and exterior doors is mandatory for standard products and is not related to the installation / assembly.
  • With the change of the Construction Products Directive to the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) on July 1st 2013, the manufacturer confirms his responsibility for the compliance of the product with the properties specified in the Performance Declaration.
CE Marking
  • With the CE Marking, the manufacturer assumes the responsibility for the conformity of the product with the declared performance and the compliance with all applicable requirements of the CPR.
  • The CE Marking shall be affixed on the product itself, on a label attached to it, on its packaging or the accompanying documents


CE Performance Declaration

  • With the Performance declaration the manufacturer assumes the responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with the declared performance. This document is intended for the consumers.
  • The manufacturer is required to archive these declarations at least 10 years

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